About six decades ago, on the 10th of January, a child was born into the family of Da-Ogboru Jim-Jack in the Ine-Sukuta House of Chief Jim Standfast Jack’s-Gate in the Da-Kaladokubo Group of Chieftaincy Houses of Jack Compound, Abonema, in the Akuku-toru Local Government Area of Rivers State. Minaibi’s father, Maxwell Bennett Dagogo-Jack, was the first son of the Da-Ogboru Jim-Jack dynasty. That child grew up like every other child, but not without the challenges of childhood.

Minaibi Dagogo Jack grew up a Christian, but an encounter in 1981 brought a remarkable dimension to his life. In that year, he got invited by a neighbor to the Deeper Christian Life Ministry where he was profoundly impacted by the sermons of Rev. Steven Akinola. There he got born again. The blessed neighbor who was the divine bridge from his old self to the new, is now the Commanding Archbishop, Winning Willy Bunting.

Minaibi Dagogo Jack was baptized by immersion in the Redeemed Christian Church of God where he became Head of the Prayer Department, with about 21 parishes under his watch. He graduated from the Redeemed Bible College and has been in several Christian leadership positions: General Overseer, Launderer’s Soap Evangelical Ministry (LASEM); International Director, Good Leadership Prayer Support Initiatives (GOLPSI); Zonal Chairman, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), AKULGA Zone; Asst. Provost, PFN, Rivers State; Member, SSO, PFN, Rivers State; Rivers State Deputy Family Head, and, at present, Family Head of CPFN/PFN in the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rivers State. Rev. Dr. Minaibi Dagogo-Jack was Deputy Chairman, PFN, Rivers State, and a member of the State Advisory Council (SAC), PFN, Rivers State. Currently, among other caps, Rev. Dr. Minaibi Dagogo Jack sits as Chairman of the Rivers State branch of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). His leadership there has been fired by a passion for REVIVAL in line with which he has introduced such novelties as the monthly Prayer Quake, and outreach initiatives like Occupy the Streets and Out Door Crusade. His goal has been the unity of the Church.

Rev. Dr. Minaibi Dagogo Jack’s dream for a progressive and egalitarian society, especially in Rivers State and the Niger Delta, as well as in the rest of Nigeria, explains his many roles not only in Christian leadership but also in the general space. For seventeen uninterrupted years, he was his community’s Secretary, and thereafter, Chairman of the Community Development Committee (CDC), Abonnema. On a broader scale, with great elders and leaders from Rivers State, he was part of The Rivers Forum, The Rivers Senate, Congress of Gas and Oil Mineral Producing States (COGOMPS), etc. In later years, the experience from those relations enriched his outputs; for example, his submissions, in the 1990s, to the Constitution Debate Coordinating Committee at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, resulting in related agenda at the Constitutional Conference.
The South-South geopolitical zone has been the better for all those capacity enhancements. A keen expression of his zeal for sustainable development among his people is his personal leadership outreaches to state governors, especially in the Niger Delta, to whom he had made submissions on participatory rural appraisal methodologies for development in the region.
Rev. Dr. Minaibi Dagogo Jack’s potentials and contributions have not gone without recognition in the form of calls to further service, particularly by the Government of Rivers State. He was in the National Population and Housing Census Advocacy and Enlightenment team, headed by Prof G.O.M. Tasie. That involvement meant several trips across Rivers State, with its impact on the economy of the state. He also served as a Pay Point Leader, Rivers State Students Bursary Payment. He was SA on Empowerment to Governor Rotimi Amaechi, and Chairman, Rivers State Government SURE-P Program.

Rev. Dr. Minaibi Dagogo-Jack was a one-time leader of the Rivers/Bayelsa National Delegates Forum during the era of the National Republican Convention (NRC), a one-time State Chairman of Fresh Democratic Party; one-time Chairman of the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) in Rivers State and the South-South states of Nigeria. In 2006, he was a gubernatorial candidate in Rivers State, and contested the general elections on the platform of Fresh Democratic Party.

Rev. Dr. Minaibi Dagogo Jack’s leadership landmarks have drawn several awards and recognitions from leadership organizations across the globe, and he has graced shelves with his publications.

Rev. Dr. Minaibi Dagogo Jack is an alumnus of such institutions as the Redeemed Christian Bible College, the University of Port Harcourt, the African College of Christian Education & Seminary (affiliated to Ahmadu Bello University), and Corner Stone University and Theological Seminary (USA/Israel).

Pastor Alaliba is the wife of Rev. Dr. Minaibi Dagogo-Jack, and they are blessed with four children.